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“Quite frankly, I just love singing. It feeds my soul.”

“We connect with each other through talking, understanding each other and by valuing our similarities. Ever listen to a song and think it was put in the world just for you? I want to write songs that people are searching for - songs that will help them or heal them, but for certain I want to let people know that I hear them”  

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Canadian born, Shannon Dooks songs tell it like it is. Intimate. Honest. Heartfelt. Her songs are her markers in time that portray her journey through the elation of love, the devastation of loss and the liquidity of life. Shannon creates a quiet landscape of music and asks only for her audience to step into the melodies and lyrics to see if they recognize themselves.

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Having worked with artists such as Daniel Caesar, Snoop Dog, Raff Pylon, and performed with J3M and Your Hunni, Shannon is getting ready to release a new single “Doubts” in February 2021. And in the background, she is working on her upcoming second album. Recording at the historic Kensington Sound in Toronto, Canada her team is comprised of Canadian Producer - Ben Pelchat, LA Producer - Earl Powell, UK Producer - Will Schollar and songwriter Rosanne Baker Thornley (RBT).

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